Picture: my old studio, the old  soap factory  of vaasa that the town has sadly  decided  to tear down, apperently with a little starting help from local younger forces! 

Marcus Lerviks (born 1969) studied at SYH in Nykarleby/ Finland 1994-98 (BA-studies) and the University of Art and Design Helsinki (with a Masters degree from the Pallas F​ine Arts study programme) from 1998 to 2001. Marcus lives and works in Vaasa, Finland. He has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions since 1994 in both Finland and internationally.

Marcus uses video as his principal medium. His works are typically installations employing video, spatial elements, lights and sound. Characteristically the works position the spectator in the space in relation to low bass sounds, lights or constructions. There is often a performative dimension to the works as well.

Alongside with his own projects, Marcus also works with an artist group called FinnFemFel, which has organised solo and group exhibitions since 1998 in both Finland and internationally. 


e-mail: mail(at)marcuslerviks.com
e-mail: marcus.lerviks(at)gmail.com

phone: + 358405275613

studio address: Marcus Lerviks / Frilunds vägen 2 / 65170 Vasa / Finland
home address: Marcus Lerviks / Peltokangasvägen 14 / 65200 Vasa / Finland.