2- channel HD video / 2015 - 2017

A question that has become more and more interesting for me is how to visualize memory. In film scenes we often see blurred double-exposed images that often tends to confuse the viewer more than give the feeling of memory. Today this way to edit moving images has become a standard, the effect is usually included in most video and picture programs by the name "Memory". In this video work, I visualize a special place from my childhood without the use of such effects. The starting point has been to put the material together into a sequence of clips from different seasons while the location is always the same, the image motive has also not changed since my childhood. 

The place in question is Söderfärden located a bit south of the city of Vasa in Finland. The site is a unique meteorite crater created at a meteorite impact of at least 520 million years ago. Söderfjärden was drained in the 1920s and is today a fertile farming area and a paradise for birds. The almost circular Söderfärd's diameter is today about 6 km. Even though the site is dry, the sea feeling remains strong with fresh sea breezes and typical coastal settlement. I have only experienced this landscape in stages of seasonal experiences (summer holidays, autumn holidays, sports holidays etc). These stages have then created fragments in my memory that continually offer surprises about how the same place can change with the shifts of the seasons and the weather, assembled in a single memory description, which is not possible in a traditional landscape painting that is bound to a certain time. In this video work, I visualize these memories in an annual sequence that reflects central parts of my personal memories of this place.

Winter sample (5:29 min), Original length of the loop with all seasons is 39:45 min

Spring sample (5:26 min)

Summer sample (3:51 min)

Fall sample (3:48 min)