irritation X &
movie dr​awings

2-channel synced Video loop and drawings 2005.  

"irritationX" is a video installation with two video projectors that simultaneously shows up a face. The room that was constructed was covered with sound-absorbing materials to strengthen the feeling of intimacy. The audio of the piece are sounds of a hungry the video theres a person who is struggling to stay awake, with personal traits such as irritability, fatigue, etc.. With the installation's various elements emphasized an intimate feeling where a viewer must view the work "mood" from the inside and not usually from the outside (In many cases where it is easier to distance themselves from the atmosphere that is born). The intention is to get the viewer to enter a little room, a private space, where he or she can watch (close up) gestures of a person in this "human" state. 

"16:9 Movie Drawings" is a series of drawings made of stills from various films. Each drawing includes a large number of stills from the same movie, about 50-200 images depending on the length of the film and visual variety. During the working process the final drawings appeared by making the next still image on top of the previous one, this went on until the film had ended. The titles of the drawings are, for example "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)" or "The Deer Hunter (1979)". 

The impression of the final drawings perhaps lead to maps of some kind, these "sill image". maps have an abstrakt impression even though it is composed of unambiguous and clearly depicting still images.