down under 

4-channel video installation / 2020

The videos show the silence of nature compared to the dominant world of people. The starting point for the work was new landscapes that have not been recorded and viewed that much before! But in the course of the work the contrast between these two extremes became more and more important. The sounds are recorded from the internet of famous youtube channels. 

How in my opinion today's social media and podcasts many times modify us into an empty state, for example some one bathes in chocolate or how to wash your hair with ketchup! Point being how much unnecessary amusement we are fed every day. This phenomenon is todays entertainment but in many cases | feel we could do better. In the sequences, the camera moves up from the bottom covered by mud, when the​ picture reaches the waterline towards the sky, you hear these voices mixed with choral music. The contrast that is created between the silent pristine of the still nature and the shouts of "press the subscribe botton" hopefully gives one the urge to reflect on humanity and question if thisdirection is the right one.

Short documentation from ​ Varikko Gallery, Seinäjoki, Finland

short sample with 3 videos (3:51 min)