faking it  

photo / led / optical fiber  2015

In 2013 | had an exhibition at MUU Gallery in Helsinki. For this show i produced a number of video pieces where I made animations of the growing process of a grain (among them "The Green Loop" and "lo to hi"). This animations have now led to the work "Faking it". A photo series of 5 pictures of leaves that cover the ground in the month of March. The idea and the starting point has been to capture a blanc lifeless and dead surface, but through artificial elements given life to the picture. In each photograph there has been drilled about 20-50 holes, 1mm holes in the dark areas of the pictures. In which | have mounted optical fiber strings, the light source comes from a SuperLED behind the image. By combining materials such as optical fiber with photography, I want to approach a three-dimensional image
of this "faked" reality.

Faking it is made in two versions. The smaller version 60 X 90 cm  are made "light-box" film mounted on 8mm plexiglass. The larger version is a photograph with a matte surface mounted on aluminum in the size 90 X 135 cm. 

" I his most recent works Marcus Lerviks returns to painterly image. Approaching its minimalist and even conceptual attitude. This painterly minimalism is repeated in the photographic series faking it based on graphic close-ups of natural structures. Seemingly nothing happens, but temporally a chain of events lies waiting within the earth. In his photographic images, Lerviks often uses a macro- and micro-perspective that covers the entire surface of the image. The tradition of this can be linked to Informalism, where artists created their own inner textures in nature formations throughout the surface of the picture. This kind of contemporary painting is realised with camera as a paintbrush and a green shoot as the punctum of pictorial interpretation."

Maaria Niemi art historian, art critic, curator


Video loop / 2015

The material for the video is filmed with a hi-speed camera which faded leaves slowly fall down while small green dots rises. The video is structured in the same spirit as the photo series faking it where the visualization of nature's renewal takes a more abstract form than the photo series. The soundtrack to the film is taped with special microphones, when the thick ice cracks on the ocean each autumn, this combination builds up a tension of something under the water surface at the same time the experience of the video leads to space.