HD video and led-lights / video loop / 2013 - 2022 

This is a project iv'e been working on for a longer time . Its a macro filming ( close-up, about 3 X 2 cm) of sand just below the water level on the beach. In the first version i made a board for an exhibition in Helsinki, in the object i drilled about 30-40 led-lights in random positions. The video editing is based on where the lights are on the board. The growing and shrinking feel with the unsharpness that was edited in the video on the positioning of the lights gives you reflections and thoughts about Algiers and growing. 

Later i've used the same film for a series of performances where instead of led lights used other light scourses for example light blobs as in the picture abowe!   

Short documentation of "still" from Gallery Pesula, Sipoo, Finland, 2022 (showing the result after the opening performance)