once more!

3 hour public film-loop for the Culture house of Korsholm, Finland. 
The opening was on the 23rd of March 2007.  

This work is based on two (early) childhood memories. One- sitting in a car watching (for hours on end) the landscape pass by, and two,traveling by ferry and looking at red small lamps on a map on the wall telling me where my location is. These two memories are combined in this video loop. 

I have filmed landscapes on a trip around Korsholm from the car window. The film is shown on a big screen on the wall of the culture house. The film is combined with a map of the journey, placed in an exhibition case on the ground. On this map you can follow the exact location of the car and the film being shown, by watching red small lamps on the map.

Since 2007 the work “once more” had been looping nonstop outside of Korsholm cultural house. The video won’t be doing any more laps due to vandalism with damages that unfortunately could not be fixed! ...so i guess its 2007-2022.

Video samples from different locations.