dead pixels  

video -laser -hazer installation / 2014

The starting point with this work was to create a dead pixel in a more physical way than what the word in itself stands for (dead pixels or defective pixels are pixels on a digital display that are not performing as expected). In the piece have used the combination of laser light pointers, video, mdf panels and a fog machine (hazer). The laser beams that are visible in the room hits two mdf panes which in turn has a minimal hole right where the beam hits the panel, this creates physically a dead pixel! In the video projection you can see a macro filming of both hands lifelines, a slow examination of the structure of the hands. 

The reason for this interconnection has its ground in a series of performances l've done in the past two years, in which dealt with beauty and skin care (skin care performance and Light treatment performance). With the installation, I emphasise different aspects and opinions we connect to modern methods of treatment such as laser treatment. Another important challenge of the work lies in how do you succeed with simple means transforming something digital to analog in a very human way, in which where you can physically walk through the room and also affect the appearance of the work.